This is so much the case that a brief explanation would be in order over here. Then, over there, you could take a stroll through your neighborhood or city one weekend afternoon and see if you can spot a steeplejack or two. If both you and they have lived long enough on this God’s earth, then your folks could have fond or nostalgic recollections. Perhaps they were regular church goers back in the day. Even so, steeplejacks were not, and still aren’t, prominent atop only austere or majestic church buildings.

Still to this day, you will find these constructions on top of your municipal or court house buildings. These are those civic buildings that have stood the test of time and weathered a few storms over a number of generations. And today, well into the twenty-first century, steeplejacks are not just prominent at traditional houses of worship or rule in your town or city. You will also find them atop Muslim-inspired Mosques.

Steeplejacks are no longer ancient constructions. Today, they are still being built quite from scratch, where the application of sustainable and more durable materials such as fiberglass and elastomeric coatings are being brought to bear. In any case, these modern constructions are not taking the places of the ancients. Today, through full appreciation for that which is historic, old buildings and their steeples are being well-preserved and kept in good repair by talismanic artisans.

Such artisans have the ability to work with all manner of materials, anything from copper to wood. They are more than familiar with a number of architectural traditions, anything from traditional church constructions to modern or old cupolas. Appreciate art and your heritage and you’ll get to know a steeplejack a bit better.